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ADAYALAM entering to fourth year on the auspicious day of birth of Kerala...

November 01 , 2020


To bless a reader with a third eye to the vision of the world, is the fundamental function of a book. A human immersed in a book completes myriad births, by the time he/she finishes reading. Thus reading promises a tiresome parallel journey, either by leaving a feeling life has become complete or it still remains incomplete in many aspects. In each and every page the mental lives of centuries are marked. We can be sure that without reading, which fixes the flesh and blood of experiences to bones, the humankind and earth would not have sustained like this.

Adayalam is not a publishing firm which imposes the burden of books. It refrains from luring ornamental works and cheating advertisements. It never follows the path of flattery in which the writer/author is placed above writing/book. We give the ultimate freedom to decide good or bad to the reader. During the past three years, Adayalam has published nearly fifty books in around twenty streams. Really it is a matter of great satisfaction and fulfilment of a dream to us. We were particular that each of them should be unique. The existence of Adayalam is like a sweet, light melody which is quite different and lonely...

Adayalam absorbed the rare beauties of universal literary culture which consist of Dostoyevsky, Maupassant, Chekhov, Sophia Tolstaya etc. The depth and beauty of Bengali literature by Tagor, Saratchandra Chatterjee, Ashapurna Devi (and many authors) were brought to Malayalam. The book shelf of Adayalam became blessed and meaningful by the mesmerizing presents of E.M.S, T Padmanabhan, K Venu, Appukuttan Vallikkunnu, KGS, Ashtamoorthi, John Paul, Madampu Kunjukuttan, Asha menon, T K Sankaranarayanan etc. Now Adayalam is building another mile stone by recreating the famous novel of Alice Walker, "The Color Purple" in Malayalam. Adayalam has brought so many famous world classics to Malayalam. This could be achieved by the sincere cooperation of many eminent translators of Malayalam including Leela Sarkar, K P Balachandran, Rajan Thuvvara, Venu V. Desom, M K Sreekumar, Radhakriahnan Ayroor, Dhyan Tarpan, Gouri etc.

While completing three years of journey with books and world of literature Adayalam joins hands with a wide gang of appreciators. The hope of survival of human kind is in the prudential, judicions reading habit of people. We earnestly request all of you to give us strength to stand in the middle of a clever reader's society.

Adayalam extends its path of possibilities further by opening a bookstall in the middle of Thrissur town, at A R Menon Road. Adayalam expresses its immense love and indebtedness to the magnanimous readers who were with us always in the path of publishing. We optimistically hope this kindness will be with us always in future also... On this auspicious day of completing sixty four years of formation of Kerala state on the birthday of Adayalam once again thanking you all...

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